850 Grn.

This serie of clothes was thought an designed as a protective outfit, a second skin, spiritual and methaphysical. Different symbols and signs are combined together in order to write poems, psalms or pagan prays. These signs transcend the body who will wear them. Tryppilian symbols, Hobo signs, Esoteric and cosmic figures aim to connect the body to a symbolical and etheral dimension. #iconology #semiotic #spirit #transcend #yoga #body #soul #symbolism

Elsa Quintin with the help of Vvanya Samokrutkin

Leggings are made of soft and comfortable to wear fabric, stretch in any direction, easy to wash and dry quickly. Comfortable rise and high-wasted wide waistband creates a slim silhouette and gives you comfort during sports activities.

Materials - supplex KORA
90% polyester 10% viscose


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