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Catcult is Odessa based brand that takes art and sport as an inspiration for our work. Catcult is more than a brand, it is a community of creatives. We design, manufacture and sell sportive casual clothing in collaboration with local artists. This unique process connects art with everyday life, multiplies its beauty and gives inspiration. Catcult stands for the active way of living, therefore its items do not restrict the freedom of movements. Combining creativity in various fields the brand brings the clothing process on a cultural and aesthetic level. The Catcult team keeps pace with those who live with a light heart and, despite all the restrictions, enjoys life and lives it playfully.


How can you get your order:

  •  order delivery to the nearest Nova Poshta office (in Ukraine);
  •  order targeted delivery by Nova Poshta "to the door" (in Ukraine);
  •  order delivery to anywhere in the world by any carrier of your choice, or according to our recommendation.

Orders within Ukraine are dispatched by Nova Poshta every day. 
Orders placed before 12:00 are shipped the same day and delivered the next. 
Shipping costs are calculated according to the carrier's tariffs.  
Orders worth >4000 UAH. are delivered free of charge throughout Ukraine to the nearest branch of Nova Poshta. 

You can return the product if:

  •  the product is not in the List of those that are not subject to exchange and return;
  •  the product has not been used and is preserved in the form in which it was bought;
  •  less than two weeks have passed since the purchase of the product;